Bring Your Own Beamer #2 - Am Samstag 12.12.15 im Bunker K101

Am Samstag ist es soweit: Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) Köln findet zum zweiten Mal statt!

Das Konzept: Videokünstler präsentieren ihre Installationen, grafischen Bewegtbilder und visuellen Loops an die Innenwände des Bunkers in Ehrenfeld und verwandeln diesen in eine großflächig-audiovisuelle Bilderwelt. Das Konzept BYOB wurde 2010 von Rafaël Rozendaal entwickelt und wird im bunker k101 von Fritz Gnad und Wine-Giving Meryem umgesetzt.

Diesmal unter anderen mit:

Alex Rechberg und Daniel Becker
Dmitry Zakharov
Dominique Garaudel
Grade die
Ina Bankova
Martin Schmitz
Ruth Weigand
Sebastian Blank

Hier geht es zum Facebook Event

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Installation beim Ehrenfeldhopping 2014

Am 12. April 2014 findet die 21. Ausgabe des Ehrenfeld-Hoppings statt. Ich werde im Lizbät eine neue Installation präsentieren.

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Void Machine at Platine Festival 2013

Gregor Kuschmirz and Fritz Gnad present their new installation Void Machine at this year’s Platine Festival in Cologne.

The Void Machine can be seen from Monday August 19th to Thursday 22nd 19h to 23h at Design Quartier Ehrenfeld, Heliosstr. 35–37, 50825 Cologne.

On the last day of the exhibition, thursday 22nd, Gregor and Fritz invite you kindly to the finissage. Afterwards, the official Platine closing party will take part at Zoo – Die Schänke, Venloer Straße. 434, 50825 Cologne.

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New Installation at the 2nd Futureshorts Cologne Screening

Hey there,
On Tuesday, May 8th 2012, I will present a new audiovisual installation to accompany the 2nd screening of futureshorts Cologne at Baustelle Kalk, Kalk Mülheimer Straße 124, 51103 Köln/Cologne. The screening begins at 21h and the entrance fee is 2€.

the Facebok-Event

Baustelle Kalk auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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New Installation to premiere at Eat Meat's Group Show 'Libido'

I am going to present a brand new audiovisual installation at the Libido – Group Show.

The vernissage is on Friday, December 16th 2011, 19:30 at Eat Meat Raw Gallery (Alzina 20, Barcelona). The exhibition will be open to the public until January 15th 2012.

If you are in Barcelona – come visit us!

more info

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Video & Film Exhibition at 'Hochbunker Körnerstraße'

From friday, December 2nd 2011 on I will present some installations with Alexander Lorenz and Konrad Bohley at one of cologne’s interesting art venues: an old air-raid shelter in Ehrenfeld. The vernissage is at 19h and the exhibition will be open from 17h-20h until December 7th.

If you are in Cologne – drop by and say hi!

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'Too Big To Fail' at the CCCB-Exhibition "Pantalla Global"

My animation Too Big To Fail will be shown at the upcoming exhibition Pantalla Global (Global Screen) at one of my favourite cultural institutions of Barcelona, the Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB). More details coming soon.

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Eat Meat meets Area Zinc

The most recent edition of the digital art magazine Area Zinc features the whole Eat Meat family in a special issue. I am also participating with some images.

Watch it here.

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Parteienlandschaft at the B/Art Conference 2011

My audiovisual installation Parteienlandschaft will be exhibited at the B/Art Conference 2011.

The festival/conference/exhibition with the Leitmotiv “Goodbye Crisis!” takes place at the Nau Ivanow in Barcelona on Saturday, April 9th 2011. There is an abundant agenda with lectures, conferences, our exhibition, concerts and presentations of contemporary dance.

I still have some invitations left, so contact me asap if you are interested to visit the full day event!

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New Video-Installation Parteienlandschaft to premiere at Eat Meat Raw Gallery

Next Saturday my new audiovisual installation “Parteienlandschaft” will premiere at the group exhibition “Tots Sants” at Eat Meat Raw Gallery. Fortunately, I will be in Barcelona to present it personally. So if you are in Catalonia this weekend make shure to give me a call or just come to the vernissage on

Saturday, October 9th 2010, 19h
at Eat Meat Raw Gallery, C/ Alzina 20, Gracia, Barcelona

The group show will be exhibited until November 6th 2010 and there is more info available on our website and the Facebook invitation.

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We eat meat!

I have the pleasure to announce my participation in the collective exhibition WE EAT MEAT! with three of my video installations.

The exhibition will take place at the new EAT MEAT RAW GALLERY located at C/ Alzina, 20 (Gràcia) Barcelona on Saturday, December 19th, 2009 at 19h.

The inauguration of this exhibition also represents the first activity of the cultural association EAT MEAT! of which I am one of the founding members.

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