Wooden Rectangles [Daily Detail]

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Supernova by Siggi Eggertsson

Berlin based Siggi Eggertsson rocks with this dark abstract pixel animation. If you like his style you could also check out his illustrations in his reel A Growing Pile Of Work.

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Analogue Pixel Displays

The German architect and urban artist Aram Bartholl presented some of his projects at the Ars Electronica Brucknerhaus. Both deal in a nice way with the simplicity/complexity topic.

Random Screen is a flickering pixel display that works completely without electricity. 25 Beer cans and 25 tea lights are put together in a certain way to create the turning light-sources.

Papierpixel follows a similar approach, but in this case the analogue display can actually be used to show letters, numbers or little graphics – everything that fits on a 8×8 pixel matrix. There is an electric light that illuminates the display from the back and a mechanism similar to a hand organ that shows the light only to certain pixels.

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