Happy Birthday, Marshall!

Medium, electricity, global tribes, messages, massages… Marshall McLuhan was born 100 years ago. I did this quick & dirty gif-animation as a dedication!

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Quote: Baudrillard - The Spirit of Terrorism

“We have to face facts, and accept that a new terrorism has come into being, a new form of action which plays the game, solely with the aim of disrupting it. Not only do these people not play fair, since they put their own deaths into play – to which there is no possible response (‘they are cowards’) – but they have taken over all the weapons of the dominant power. Money and stock-market speculation, computer technology and aeronautics, spectacle and the media networks – they have assimilated everything of modernity and globalism, without changing their goal, which is to destroy that power.”

Jean Baudrillard (2002): The Spirit of Terrorism and Other Essays, p. 19

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The Influencers 2008: Monochrom & Alan Abel in Barcelona

The Influencers 2008: Alan Abel and monochrom in Barcelona

This weekend I attended the 4th edition of the “The Influencers“-Festival at the CCCB. The event describes itself as…

The talkshow you won’t see on TV! The Influencers explores controversial forms of art and communication guerrilla, presenting independent projects that play with global popular culture, infiltrate the mass media, and transform fashions, consumption and technological fetishism.

I was not able to see all of the lectures, but it started on Thursday with a very mediocre talk of the US-American interactive artist Brody Condon.

On Saturday, Johannes Grenzfurthner of the collective monochrom from Vienna held a brilliant presentation. He described monochrom’s subversive approach of irritating the contemporary neoliberal discourse with the distribution of post-modern ideas: “context hacking” is how they call it.

Then, Alan Abel, the Godfather of hoaxes, talked about his experience of the last 60 years as a prankster. With a lot of anecdotes about his recent activities – like the campaign to ban breast-feeding – he managed to entertain all of us!

I recommend checking out the festival’s website because they host most of the presentations as flashvideos online – for example when the Yes Men Group visited them in 2005.

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Ciao Baudrillard, ciao Virtuality

Jean Baudrillard

Post-structuralism has lost one of his most influential thinkers: Jean Baudrillard, mind-father of simulacra and simulation died this Tuesday, March 6th.

With his comments on the 1991 Gulf War he gained broad public attention as a political commtator: He claimed the war to be a ‘virtual war’, that ‘did not take place’ due to the mediatic representation and its lack of consequences.

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konfuse zeichen ergeben sinn

ich habe es geschafft – meine mündliche prüfung in medienwissenschaft ist hervorragend gelaufen!

thematisch ging es bei der prüfung um die diskursanalyse foucaults und den kulturbegriff der cultural studies und um ein bißchen zu teilen, stelle ich hier ein paar visualisierungen von klassikern, die meine gedanken geordnet haben zur verfügung:

stuart hall: cultural studies: zwei paradigmen

stuart hall: kodieren/dekodieren

theodor w. adorno: resumé über die kulturindustrie

john fiske: neither the text, nor the audience

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vilém flusser

heute gibt es einen wahren akademischen leckerbissen für den geneigten hörer: die khm in köln hat in ansprechender form die berühmten bochumer vorlesungen des medienphilosophen vilém flusser aufbereitet.
für mich als student der medienwissenschaft auf jeden fall eine pflicht-empfehlung!

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