Recording Bodies Into Databases

On Saturday, April 12th 2014, I will present audiovisual fragments and analogue fetishism at Lizbät as part of Ehrenfeld Hopping. See you there from 18h on.

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I have published six new clips

I found some time to update my website and I am happy to present you six new clips, animations, and kinect explorations that I have created this summer.
So check out:

#40 The Sky (lab)

Techmeck (Blinkenlichten/ZDF)

My Brother Recorded On Kinect (also Kinect)

My Kinected Hand (Kinect)

GMO Freshness (lab)

We Are (lab)

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Presentation at Pecha Kucha Cologne Vol. 12

This thursday, July 5th 2012 I will give a presentation at the 12th edition of Pecha Kucha (?) Cologne! I will be talking about Motion Design from a general but also subjective perspective.

The venue is Atelier Colonia, Körnerstraße 37 in the heart of Ehrenfeld, entrance fee a donation to Deutsche Aidshilfe e.V. of 5 eur is recommended and doors open at 19:30 and make sure to come early since it is not a huge venue.

See you there, check the facebook event and – if you are of a rather curious kind – a link to the last presentation that I gave at Pecha Kucha Barcelona in 2009. That time I was allowed to use moving images plus it was in spanish!


This is the final speaker’s list:

Stepan Benn // Die GEMA – Das mysterioese Wesen
Stefan Klabunde //11.500 km in 6:40 Min.
Maike Brochhaus // haeppchenweise – Ein postpornografisches Filmprojekt
Jan Uwe Fitz // Wie auch du Autor bei einem Traditionsverlag wirst
Benita Rath // Nageldesign
Wasti Zueger // Kickerliebe
Uli Scheuss // Citizen Science
Anand Ronghe // Breaking the band
Berti Distelrath // Visit the desert
Fritz Gnad // Motiondesign

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Extraschicht 2012: Some of my films will be shown

This Saturday, June 30th 2012, some of my films will be screened as part of the cultural program for this years edition of Extraschicht at Ruhr University Bochum.

There will be many more activities the whole night throughout the entire Ruhr Area, so check out the schedule.

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New Installation at the 2nd Futureshorts Cologne Screening

Hey there,
On Tuesday, May 8th 2012, I will present a new audiovisual installation to accompany the 2nd screening of futureshorts Cologne at Baustelle Kalk, Kalk Mülheimer Straße 124, 51103 Köln/Cologne. The screening begins at 21h and the entrance fee is 2€.

the Facebok-Event

Baustelle Kalk auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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New Installation to premiere at Eat Meat's Group Show 'Libido'

I am going to present a brand new audiovisual installation at the Libido – Group Show.

The vernissage is on Friday, December 16th 2011, 19:30 at Eat Meat Raw Gallery (Alzina 20, Barcelona). The exhibition will be open to the public until January 15th 2012.

If you are in Barcelona – come visit us!

more info

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VAFA 2011 shows Parteienlandschaft

The Second International Open Call Festival for Video Art (Macau, China) has screened my 2010 work Parteienlandschaft at their festival. Nice!

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Screening at Blicke Festival 2011

Yet another film festival in novembre! At this years Blicke Festival in Bochum I will be showing two of my videos: Schnittarbeit and Euforia.

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Screening at the 28th Dokfest Kassel 2011

One of my latest audiovisual works, Schnittarbeit that I did with Milena Rodríguez, will be screened on Thursday November 10th 2011 at the 28th edition of the Dokfest in Kassel. Check out the program and see me there!

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'Too Big To Fail' at the CCCB-Exhibition "Pantalla Global"

My animation Too Big To Fail will be shown at the upcoming exhibition Pantalla Global (Global Screen) at one of my favourite cultural institutions of Barcelona, the Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB). More details coming soon.

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Screening at Loop Video Art Fair 2011

I am very pleased to participate in the 2011 edition of Barcelona’s Video Art Fair Loop.
Together with ID:Mora & Matka, Kinki Texas, Mia Makela and Cornelius Coffin we show different audiovisual works in the festival section ‘Screen from Barcelona’ at Eat Meat Raw Gallery.

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Eat Meat meets Area Zinc

The most recent edition of the digital art magazine Area Zinc features the whole Eat Meat family in a special issue. I am also participating with some images.

Watch it here.

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New Projects online: Water and Stars

On my portfolio I have published two new projects.

The first is a motion design that I have done for a bicultural master programm about Integrated Water Resources Management in Cologne and Jordan:

The second consists of 8 trailers for this year’s German Webvideo Award. I used tracking, compositing and some 3d animation:

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Parteienlandschaft at the B/Art Conference 2011

My audiovisual installation Parteienlandschaft will be exhibited at the B/Art Conference 2011.

The festival/conference/exhibition with the Leitmotiv “Goodbye Crisis!” takes place at the Nau Ivanow in Barcelona on Saturday, April 9th 2011. There is an abundant agenda with lectures, conferences, our exhibition, concerts and presentations of contemporary dance.

I still have some invitations left, so contact me asap if you are interested to visit the full day event!

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Deconstructing Cartoons - Work in progress





Some animations I am working on this week.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!

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New Video-Installation Parteienlandschaft to premiere at Eat Meat Raw Gallery

Next Saturday my new audiovisual installation “Parteienlandschaft” will premiere at the group exhibition “Tots Sants” at Eat Meat Raw Gallery. Fortunately, I will be in Barcelona to present it personally. So if you are in Catalonia this weekend make shure to give me a call or just come to the vernissage on

Saturday, October 9th 2010, 19h
at Eat Meat Raw Gallery, C/ Alzina 20, Gracia, Barcelona

The group show will be exhibited until November 6th 2010 and there is more info available on our website and the Facebook invitation.

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Screening at C - MiniVideoArt Festival

On Friday, August 20th 2010, my audiovisual pieces Nekropolis, Ciudad Blanca and Euforia have been screened at the C – MiniVideoArt Festival in Atlanta.

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Two New Motion Promos for Error Broadcast

Besides working freelance for Düsseldorf based Blinkenlichten, I have finished two animated promos for the folks at Error Broadcast.

AEED – Error Code

Comfort Fit – Private Primate

Both motion designs are personal approximations to the style of the given cover artwork. The Videos are licences under a creative commons licence.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

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Proyección de 'Ravalejar' en el Raval

Este domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010 a las 17h, mostrarán mi corto ravalejar en una actividad de los arquitectos sin fronteras en el Raval en Barcelona. Se trata de una convocatoria para dar ideas sobre las actividades que se pueden realizar en el nuevo espacio que se ha abierto debido a una demolición reciente, en la calle Sant Rafael con Riereta.

“Es una primera toma de contacto con los vecinos del barrio, sin ninguna otra pretensión que apropiarnos de un espacio en desuso y promover ideas para ocuparlo temporalmente.”

Mas información en Raons públiques

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New 2010 Motion Design Showreel online

2010 Motion Design & Post-Production Show Reel - Fritz Gnad

I proudly present you my brandnew 2010 Motion Design & Post-Production Showreel !

Please watch it and drop me a line if you like it!

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New Video: The Climate Network

I have done a new motion video, this time for the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Washington. It is called “The Climate Network” and presents a project that tries to communicate solutions for low carbon economies.

The Climate Network: Motion Design

Watch it here and tell me what you think!

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Illustrated Phrases

“Keep perfection as a crime”


“Arte es diferente a playa”

“Garum en el Frigidarium”

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Introducing: Tigrelab!

Watch Tigrelab's Demoreel

I am happy to announce the brandnew demoreel of my creative collective Tigrelab, grrrr!

This year I have been working in several proyects with Javier Pinto, Mathieu Felix and Pelayo Méndez, therefore the decision to form a loose creative collective was not a difficult one! Here a short description on Tigrelab:

“Tigrelab is a multidisciplinary collective dedicated to the development of audiovisual and interactive projects. A laboratory that experiments combining ideas, motion graphics, programming, design, 3D graphics and illustration to seek new approaches for multimedial communication.”

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My Presentation at Pecha Kucha

Yesterday I had the oportunity to do a presentation at the 5th edition of Pecha Kucha Barcelona. Thanks to Nati Nat there is a video-evidence of the event!

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feezen//freezen at Pecha Kucha Barcelona

feezen freezen at Pecha Kucha Barcelona

I am proud to announce that I will do a presentation at the next edition of Pecha Kucha Barcelona.

You will ask yourself now: What is Pecha Kucha? …so here a short description:

“Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global – as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over 100 cities across the world.”

The event takes place on May 20th 2009 at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (Map) and the entrance is free if you register for the Día del Emprendedor.

There will be a whole bunch of other people from different creative backgrounds, so check out the speaker’s list and attend Pecha Kucha!

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...parlant de cultura a Barcelona

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audiovisuelle Dialoge

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Screening: Zapping Vídeoarte @ Centre Cívic Barceloneta

Zapping Videoarte @ Centre Civic Barceloneta - 5.2.09 - 19:30

Hey there,
I am happy to announce my first screening in 2009:
On Thursday, 5.2.2009, 19:30, I will show some of my videos at the event “Zapping Vídeoarte” at the Centre Cívic Barceloneta (Map & Contact Info).

…and it is going to be a premiere: My new video “Euforia” will be screened for the first time!

The one-hour program is curated by Lucia Flores and also includes works of Bruno Bresani and Fran Blanes.

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New Design Online

finally, a new design

Hello everybody, I have updated the Design of my Blog, I hope you like it. The Portfolio will follow soon.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009

Best wishes and everything from Germany!
See you in 2009!

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freezenlab 16

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freezenlab 15

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Screening: The Astrotripper @ MiniMinutes Festival

Mini Minutes - Festival des kleinen Films in Münster

My short stop-motion video The Astrotripper (with Tao) will be screened at the MiniMinute Festival in Münster, Germany.

The Festival describes itself as “devoted to the presentation and support of independent low-budget videos” and will take place from August 29th to 30th 2008 at the “Cinema” in Münster.

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El Poble Nou

A video by Fritz Gnad & Nati Nat
Dancer: Milena Rodriguez
Music: Misanthrop

published under a Creative Commons Licence

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Motion Graphics & Post Production Demoreel 2008

I am proud to present you my brand new Motion Graphics & Postproduction Demoreel 2008! Enjoy and be aware that I am available for interesting freelance projects.

The Intro is taken from the 1922’s movie Nosferatu, music is by apes on tapes.

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To be an idealist in a system that threats you with lemon drops in your eyes is luxury, rather than challenge. The lemon is the ambiguity of this system that uses and exploits you.

Ser idealista dentro de un sistema que te amenaza con gotas de limón en tus ojos, es un lujo más que un reto.
El limón es la ambigüedad del sistema que te compra y que te exprime.

In einem System, das seinen Bewohnern Zitronentropfen in die Augen flösst, ist es eher ein Luxus als eine Herausforderung Idealist zu sein.
Die Zitrone steht hierbei für die Doppeldeutigkeit mit der dieses System dich benutzt und einverleibt.

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VW Polo: Surfing in Maui

For the campaign “te cambiará la vida“ (it will change your life) of Volkswagen Spain, I have animated a one-minute, motion graphics video with a colorful Hawaiian aesthetic.

The project has been done in close collaboration with the nice folks at Cannonball Studio and combines several motion and compositing-techniques. These animated postcards represent the last video of a mixed-media campaign, that closely integrates TV-Ads, a website and web videos.

Client: Volkswagen Spain
Agency: Tribal DDB / Cannonball Studio

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La Ciudad Blanca @ Future Film Festival in Bologna

Future Film Festival Bologna

My animation short/installation la ciudad blanca has been screened last week at the Future Film Festival in Bologna, Italy. Nice, isn’t it?

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Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!
Frohe Weihnachten!
Merry Christmas!
Feliç Nadal!


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cctv: what are you looking at?

Closed circuit television (cctv) can be considered as the symbolic incarnation of surveillance and control of habits in public spaces.

Since the whole topic concerns me a lot, I was delighted to find a copyleft-picture of a banksy-stencil on flickr. And – within one afternoon – I brought this great conceptual idea to motion.

The underlying sound collage is based on samples by suonho and the whole clip is licensed under the creative commons license.

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Promo Visuals: Las fiestas clandestinas de Jack Daniel's

Under the creative direction of Xavi Ribas and with the collaboration of graphic designer Oscar Valero, I made these 1 min 20 seconds of motion graphics for the campaign “Las fiestas clandestinas de Jack Daniel’s.”

Client: Euro RSCG

Screenshots: here

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Best greetings from Nati + Fritz!

Muchos saludos de Nati + Fritz!

Schöne Grüße von Fritz + Nati!

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Visiting Google Campus

google freezen

The real meets the virtual!

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60" wins the GrandVideoSlam at International Videofestival Bochum

Grandvideoslam Bochum

While I was partying with Beasty Boys and Dizzee Rascal at this year’s Sónar Festival, my beloved audience from Bochum regarded the dance video „60 seconds“ with this year’s GrandVideoSlam Award. Thank all of you so much!!!

Although on the website of the Videofestival they only mention “Fritz Gnad”, the main credits definitely also belong to Sandra Trejos!

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Fernsehen 2.0

Fernsehen 2.0 - Polylog

Auch beim öffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehen wird fröhlich ge-webzweipunkt-nullt: ist ein Vorzeigebeispiel, wie man Beiträge der Sendung Polylux wiederverwerten und in eine Community einbringen kann. Außerdem besteht für Filmemacher die Möglichkeit, eigene Werke dort in der Sektion “Wildpark” zu präsentieren.

Also habe ich auch ein paar Videos hochgeladen – und siehe da: Ravalejar wird seit einigen Tagen als “Highlight aus dem Wildpark” auf der ersten Seite promotet! Somit landet das Video als handverlesene Auswahl in der “polylog-Videothek” – Ein Hoch auf die öffentlich-rechtliche Redaktion!

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Screening at Mau Mau Underground

Mau Mau Underground Barcelona

In the late 1990s, Gallery Mau Mau has been a counter-cultural artistic space in South Africa, where many exhibitions and happenings took place.

In Barcelona, there is a location that takes a quite similar approach and, this is probably the most obvious point, dedicates its name to this original gallery:

The Mau Mau Underground. It is an old industrial building, that now functions as a mixture between an art gallery, a lounge club, and a stylish place to enjoy independent or experimental movies and shorts.

This friday, June 1st 2007, the crew of Mau Mau Underground will be screening several of my shorts, together with some animation stuff of BoumanStudios, also from Barcelona.

The proyections will start at 22:00 and if you like to see them, here you can find how to get there. There is no entrance fee.

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17th International Videofestival Bochum

17th International Videofestival Bochum 2007

From June 14th to 16th 2007 the 17th edition of the International Videofestival Bochum will take place at the lovely and unofficial capital of the Ruhr AreaBochum.

“We once again present a selection of the latest in video art, from narrative to experimental, sets by internationally renowned VJ acts as well as a multi-varied supporting programme, comprised of lectures, workshops and a guest festival. We are particularly proud of living up to the festival’s name by screening a wealth of international contributions. In addition to three thrilling days, an unparalleled late-night programme awaits our guests. At three parties in three different locations, DJs create the right vibes with electronic beats, and VJs participating in the festival have the chance to prove their skills in homey club atmosphere.

The Videofestival considers itself a platform for enthusiasts of video-esque moving pictures and wishes to establish itself as a forum for video artists, activists, documentarists, theorists and each and every one who simply enjoy watching videos.”

Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there this year, but the video 60 seconds that I made with Sandra Trejos in Switzerland last year, will race for the GrandVideoSlam Award. I suggest everybody to see some shorts at the festival – it’s free and definitely worth a visit.

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Ciudad Blanca at Digital Barcelona Film Festival 2007

Diba - Digital Barcelona Film Festival

This year’s Digital Barcelona Film Festival will take place from May 17th to 27th, with screenings and activities in different locations around Barcelona.

Personally, I am quite happy to announce that my animation short la ciudad blanca has been selected for the short movie competition. The screening will take place on Thursday, 24th of May, at the cultural ship Naumon in Port Vell

If you are interested, you can find the whole program of the festival as a PDF-document.

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Videoinstalación Dixon

Videocreación a partir de la intervención urbana de Dixon en Barcelona. Presentada en distritoQuinto en Abril y Mayo 2007.

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Dixon en distritoQuinto

Exposición: Dixon en distritoQuinto

Estos dias estoy trabajando en una instalación de video para Dixon. Este artista de street art va a exponer en la galeria distritoQuinto (mapa). Su exposición se llama “mujeres y niños primero!” y la inauguración será el 27 de abril 2007.


Right now I am working on a video installation for Dixon. This Street Artist inaugurates his exposition “Women and children first!” on April 27th 2007 at the distritoQuinto gallery (map).

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Cortalamos en Los Alamos!

Este miércoles (21.3.07), como siempre en el bar Los Alamos,
habrá proyecciones de diferentes cortometrajes – incluyendo el video-danza 60” que hice con Sandra Trejos en Suiza el año pasado.

La entrada es gratis y la dirección del bar es la siguiente:
Bar Los Alamos, Calle Escudellers 12 – Barcelona (Barrio Gotico, metro Drassanes)

Además, este es el programa completo para el 21. de marzo 2007:

SUBJUNTIVO de Alejo Ubach y Bruno Zaffora (Buenos Aires 2005)

Un hombre que perdió la memoria se ve forzado a realizar una investigación y descubrir quienes son las personas que aparecen en una foto segundos antes de morir. Pero no sabe que descubrir la identidad de esos extraños es aun más peligroso que rehusarse a hacerlo.

60” de Fritz Gnad (Suiza 2006)

La ciudad suiza de Bienne podría ser denominada como el epicentro de la puntualidad suiza, ya que en ella se encuentran las manufacturas de los relojes Swatch, Rolex, y Omega; pero además, también se puede percibir fuertemente el pasar de los segundos en la vida cotidiana de sus habitantes y de la ciudad en general. La coreógrafa costarricense Sandra Trejos y el videoartista alemán Fritz Gnad, en su videodanza “60 Segundos”, se acercan tanto al tema del tiempo como al de su percepción.

HEAVEN de Santiago Riscos, Angela Mogollón y Rafael Cano (Barcelona)

Andrés quiere suicidarse, pero no sabe lo que le espera detrás de la muerte… ¿Seguirá conectado de alguna manera al mundo de los vivos?

ANTIVIRUS de Santiago Riscos, Rafael Cano, Khris Cembellín y Santi Justribó (Barcelona)

El sistema es un asco, pero al menos los amaneceres son bonitos… Todos los archivos duermen en sus carpetas, pero el Agente especial McAfee de la patrulla antivirus vela por la seguridad del sistema y defiende a los archivos de los correos sospechosos.

SPLIT de Luis Yrache Jimenez, Marcello Vai y Andrea Maccaroni (Barcelona 2004)

SHAKY WHITE GUYS MAKING FRIENDS de Erik Eliason (Suecia 2007)

Otra forma de amistad entre hombres. Un viaje audio-visual con elementos mezclados entre video y animación.

CUNT WISH BLUES de Erik Eliason (Suecia 2006)

Sueños de un chico que vive en una isla.

SPLENDID EYE EXPLOSION de Marco Silvestri (Barcelona 2006)

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El Raval representa, en esta obra, una expresión local de la globalización. Este barrio, que es al mismo tiempo un nicho de culturas en constante interactividad y fuente de creación artística, nos muestra imágenes de un street art marcado por las diferencias sociales, culturales y el ritmo urbano de una ciudad en cambio constante.

Todas estas características del Raval han sido posible obtenerlas sin necesidad de encontrarnos precisamente en ese sitio. Internet nos ha facilitado obtener imágenes del Raval, que nos permiten conocerlo desde los ojos subjetivos de sus habitantes o visitantes. El proceso creativo de esta obra ha sido meramente descentralizado, gracias a las licencias de Creative Common, las cuales permiten el uso libre de materiales visuales y de audio. ravalejar se convierte, así mismo, en materia prima para futuras creaciones.


The Raval represents in this work the local expression of globalization. It is a cultural niche of constant activity and, at the same time a source of artistic creativity. These images show a street art marked by social and cultural differences, and an urban rhythm of a city in constant change.

Creative Common Photos taken from and the music of artist rob steady were used to achief a decentralized creative workflow.

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La Ciudad Blanca

“Es como decir que a la ciudad la pintan de blanco y cada uno se encarga de ensuciarla…”

La ciudad blanca refleja el sucio paisaje de aquellas ciudades y pueblos latinoamericanos que debido a las intervenciones externas, impregnadas de políticas neoliberales, van decayendo y cambiando las estructuras de los espacios públicos y privados, tanto de las instituciones como de sus mismos ciudadanos. Es un loop de oscuridad, suciedad e impotencia sobre este monstruo en que se ha convertido aquella ciudad.
Hoy en día la resistencia es evidente, pero así tambien la contínua presencia de las potencias sobre estos territorios.

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This is the personal blog of Fritz Gnad – I write about video stuff, interesting web-works and media arts. Also, I post my videos here.

You can find my Demoreel and my audiovisual portfolio on the main webpage.

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Screening of 'Less Students' at Los Alamos


There will be a screening of Less Students in Barcelona today. Location is the Bar Los Alamos where every Wednesday (“Cortalamos”) various shorts are presented.

Los Alamos, c/Escudellers 12, Barcelona (Bario Gotico)

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ups, I won it again!

on 13.12.06 I participated with 60" at the Bochum Videoslam – and won it again!

props for sven and simon for the 12rec diy-documentary.

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60 seconds from Rolex-Town

60 seconds by Fritz Gnad & Sandra Trejos

While I was staying in Biel/Bienne, I also made a video dance with Sandra. It has a duration of 60 seconds and it is called 60’‘. Watch it and tell me what you think about it.

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A Video dance I made with Sandra Trejos in Biel/Bienne. The movement sequence has been developed by Susanne Müller Nelson.

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back from biel

pasaporte basel, de fritz gnad y sandra trejos

yesterday i came back from switzerland, where i have been around for the last 10 days. costa rican choreographer and dancer sandra trejos from diquis tiquis had invited me to visit her in biel, to realize some audiovisual projects.

and so we did: pasaporte basel is the first finished proyect. it consists of various passport photos of sandra, taken 10 years ago in basel. if you move the mouse over the photo, it will morph through time and show a photo of her again, taken at the same place with the same machine.

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studenten springen von den dächern

blicke aus dem ruhrgebiet. festival für video und film. 23. - 26. november 2006

am 23. 11.06 läuft das animationsvideo ‘less students’ auf dem bochumer film und videofestival blicke aus dem ruhrgebiet. der programmtext sagt das folgende:

Neue Erklärung, warum so viele Menschen von den Dächern der Ruhr-Uni springen.

umgesetzt wurde das video von kay, jerry und mir, außerdem haben wir im mai 06 damit den grand video slam des internationalen videofestivals bochum gewonnen.

also vormerken: donnerstag, 23.11.06, 21:45, blicke-festival im kino endstation, bahnhof langendreer bochum.

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raflesia - logenplatz im pantheon: out for free!

i am proud to announce that the new raflesia ep ‘logenplatz im pantheon’ is now available for free download under a cc-license.

just download the whole zip-file (mp3 192kbit, 49,4 mb) or stream and comment on

you can also order a cdr via

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raflesia album & record-release-party am 12.10.

im siebten jahr raflesia, drei jahre nach dem letzten release (cube-60) und natürlich mit ordentlich verspätung ist es endlich so weit:

raflesia bringt ein neues album raus!

es heißt logenplatz im pantheon und kann ab dem 12.10. auf dem netlabel als creative common-download runtergeladen werden.

neben der digitalen version des albums wird es auch eine äußerst stylische cd zum kaufen geben, später mehr dazu…

am gleichen tag (donnerstag, 12.10.) findet auch die dazugehörige record-release-party in der freestylelounge im café tuba in der zülpicher straße in köln (köln südbahnhof, moselstr. 80, google maps) statt.

also freut euch auf den download von logenplatz im pantheon, kommt zur party und feiert mit raflesia!

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the installation drawn by zachary lieberman at ars electronica 2006.

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interview i did with tobias zucali about the installation ‘maschine-mensch’ at ars electronica 2006.

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humans, controlled by machines

the installation ‘maschine-mensch’ by christopher rhomberg and tobias zucali is located on the central plaza near linz’ art school. It has won a honorary mention on the ‘next idea’ category of last years prix ars.

the installation focuses the relationship between humans and technology: the machine (an assembly line and a computer) transports coloured cubes and forces the human to remove cubes of a certain colour by stimulating its muscles with electric shocks. This makes the human slave of the machine which controls its private movements.

This simple concept of removing a cube from the moving line is quite complex to realize since the human body is not as easy to dominate as mechanical machines. this contrast fits exactly into the concept of this years ars electronica: ‘simplicity – the art of complexity.

Additionally i did an interview with tobias zucali that includes some takes of the ‘machine’.

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ars electronica 2006

today i arrived at the ‘lovely town’ linz in upper austria. the reason is ars electronica 2006 – the media arts festival which fascinated me last year when i went there with sebastian.

But this time I have more ambitions and the next three days I’ll try to see a lot and write and videoblog about it. So please check back soon!

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inaugurating ruhrtriennale

i went to the opening of the ruhrtriennale at the well illuminated jahrhunderthalle in bochum yesterday, and it was quite boring: a lot of white wine and melancholic music, horrible. but a nice human sculpture:

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Less Students

A student enters a strange room at his university where he is transformed into a c64-environment. The video has won the Grand Videoslam at the International Videofestival Bochum 2006.

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internationales videofestival bochum

so, nach diversen trailer-entwürfen hier die offizielle ansage: das internationale videofestival bochum startet diesen donnerstag und endet voraussichtlich in den frühen morgenstunden am sonntag mit der abschlußparty. der eintritt zum festival ist frei, also schaut doch einfach mal vorbei!

neben den sechs programmblöcken gibt es auch einen vj-contest, bei dem als highlight die chinesische vj-gruppe 8gg (foto) aus peking angereist sind.

hier die letzte version des trailers, die mit sounds von skism und sven swift (12rec) stylisch versetzt wurde.

am donnerstag wurde der grand videoslam abgehalten und das video ‘less students’ von kay und mir hat das publikum begeistert und uns den pokal beschert!

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la 240: filmfestival in san josé

das filmfestival la 240 findet vom 9. bis zum 13. mai in san josé, costa rica statt. präsentiert werden musikvideos, animationen und dokumentarfilme von jungen lateinamerikanischen filmemachern.

für mich persönlich ist das festival ein schönes ereignis, weil sie meine beiden kurzen clips von den videoslams in bochum zeigen: ‘less students’ und ‘we believe in nothing’ laufen als internationale beiträge außerhalb des wettbewerbs am 12. mai. die beiden videos kann man sich auch auf youtube anschauen.


Unter dem Titel Muestra de cine joven atrae productores de Europa y Latinoamérica hat die costarikanische Zeitung La Nación mich als einen der ausländischen Filmemacher des Festivals erwähnt.

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trailer: 16. internationales videofestival bochum

ein promo-trailer für das internationale videofestival in bochum, den ich in ein paar tagen gemacht habe. sound ist noch nicht dabei, weil der trailer hauptsächlich auf displays laufen wird.

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konfuse zeichen ergeben sinn

ich habe es geschafft – meine mündliche prüfung in medienwissenschaft ist hervorragend gelaufen!

thematisch ging es bei der prüfung um die diskursanalyse foucaults und den kulturbegriff der cultural studies und um ein bißchen zu teilen, stelle ich hier ein paar visualisierungen von klassikern, die meine gedanken geordnet haben zur verfügung:

stuart hall: cultural studies: zwei paradigmen

stuart hall: kodieren/dekodieren

theodor w. adorno: resumé über die kulturindustrie

john fiske: neither the text, nor the audience

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trailer für die videolounge

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less students

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neues aus dem hause: ist wieder online. nach viel zu langer zeit ohne neuerungen präsentiert sich die seite nun im neuen design und ich denke sie ist sehr stylisch geworden. vor allem podcast und textpattern als cms sorgen für dynamische inhalte, aber schaut selber!

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'less students' meets vlog

less students -

der kurzfilm ‘less students’ wurde auf dem vlog bleed aus österreich veröffentlich. das video, dass ich mit kay und sola plexus für den letzten videoslam in bochum produziert habe – und das selbigen auch gewonnen hat – lässt sich dort als quicktime anschauen und herunterladen.

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hype, visuell

der hype um web 2.0 hat auch ein gesicht, deshalb hier meine 5-minuten-verarbeitung des aktuellen (typo-)grafischen trends!


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videoslam im coolibri

coolibriheute gebe ich mich dokumentarisch: eine ankündigung in der februarausgabe des coolibri für den nächsten videoslam im intershop am 14.2.06….
aber natürlich habe ich den artikel nur wegen dem schrägen foto (von nati und mir) samt bildunterschrift eingescannt und veröffentlicht!

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videoslam, again!

die frohe nachricht: ich habe schon wieder den videoslam gewonnen! zusammen mit kay und ein paar anderen leuten haben wir innerhalb von zwei tagen eine sehr gute kleine produktion (und post-produktion) fertig gestellt!

das video heisst “less students” und verknüpft videomaterial mit (nachgestellten) c64-game-sequenzen. demnächst wird der gekrönte clip auch hier zu sehen sein, bis dahin freu ich mich allein und mit dem publikum, das von “less students” überzeugt war!


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