Bring Your Own Beamer #2 - Am Samstag 12.12.15 im Bunker K101

Am Samstag ist es soweit: Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) Köln findet zum zweiten Mal statt!

Das Konzept: Videokünstler präsentieren ihre Installationen, grafischen Bewegtbilder und visuellen Loops an die Innenwände des Bunkers in Ehrenfeld und verwandeln diesen in eine großflächig-audiovisuelle Bilderwelt. Das Konzept BYOB wurde 2010 von Rafaël Rozendaal entwickelt und wird im bunker k101 von Fritz Gnad und Wine-Giving Meryem umgesetzt.

Diesmal unter anderen mit:

Alex Rechberg und Daniel Becker
Dmitry Zakharov
Dominique Garaudel
Grade die
Ina Bankova
Martin Schmitz
Ruth Weigand
Sebastian Blank

Hier geht es zum Facebook Event

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Recording Bodies Into Databases

On Saturday, April 12th 2014, I will present audiovisual fragments and analogue fetishism at Lizbät as part of Ehrenfeld Hopping. See you there from 18h on.

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Installation beim Ehrenfeldhopping 2014

Am 12. April 2014 findet die 21. Ausgabe des Ehrenfeld-Hoppings statt. Ich werde im Lizbät eine neue Installation präsentieren.

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Void Machine at Platine Festival 2013

Gregor Kuschmirz and Fritz Gnad present their new installation Void Machine at this year’s Platine Festival in Cologne.

The Void Machine can be seen from Monday August 19th to Thursday 22nd 19h to 23h at Design Quartier Ehrenfeld, Heliosstr. 35–37, 50825 Cologne.

On the last day of the exhibition, thursday 22nd, Gregor and Fritz invite you kindly to the finissage. Afterwards, the official Platine closing party will take part at Zoo – Die Schänke, Venloer Straße. 434, 50825 Cologne.

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Der Kalk vor lauter Bäumen

This week I participate with a audiovisual projection loop at the Minifestival Der Kalk vor lauter Bäumen. Janina Warnk will present a curious urban forrest and Katharina Huber some of her illustrations.

The festival will take place from August 16th to 19th daily from 17h-22h at Baustelle Kalk in Cologne.

Find more info on the Facebook-Event Page.

There will be concerts on thursday, a future shorts screening on friday and lectures and performances on Saturday.

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New Installation at the 2nd Futureshorts Cologne Screening

Hey there,
On Tuesday, May 8th 2012, I will present a new audiovisual installation to accompany the 2nd screening of futureshorts Cologne at Baustelle Kalk, Kalk Mülheimer Straße 124, 51103 Köln/Cologne. The screening begins at 21h and the entrance fee is 2€.

the Facebok-Event

Baustelle Kalk auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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New Installation to premiere at Eat Meat's Group Show 'Libido'

I am going to present a brand new audiovisual installation at the Libido – Group Show.

The vernissage is on Friday, December 16th 2011, 19:30 at Eat Meat Raw Gallery (Alzina 20, Barcelona). The exhibition will be open to the public until January 15th 2012.

If you are in Barcelona – come visit us!

more info

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Video & Film Exhibition at 'Hochbunker Körnerstraße'

From friday, December 2nd 2011 on I will present some installations with Alexander Lorenz and Konrad Bohley at one of cologne’s interesting art venues: an old air-raid shelter in Ehrenfeld. The vernissage is at 19h and the exhibition will be open from 17h-20h until December 7th.

If you are in Cologne – drop by and say hi!

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Screening at Loop Video Art Fair 2011

I am very pleased to participate in the 2011 edition of Barcelona’s Video Art Fair Loop.
Together with ID:Mora & Matka, Kinki Texas, Mia Makela and Cornelius Coffin we show different audiovisual works in the festival section ‘Screen from Barcelona’ at Eat Meat Raw Gallery.

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Imperfection is Beauty: AppleTalk by Jürg Lehni

AppleTalk, 2007 / 2002, Jürg Lehni

AppleTalk confronts two Apple computers with the imperfections of verbal communication. Using two microphones, text-to-speech and voice recognition software, the two machines continuously transform written sentences into spoken words and back into written form in an endless loop leaving room for error and automatic interpretation.
With its similarities to the children’s game known as Telefone Game or Chinese Whispers, it results in a constant permutation of text and a production of poetic errors and left overs.

via onelittleweb

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Parteienlandschaft at the B/Art Conference 2011

My audiovisual installation Parteienlandschaft will be exhibited at the B/Art Conference 2011.

The festival/conference/exhibition with the Leitmotiv “Goodbye Crisis!” takes place at the Nau Ivanow in Barcelona on Saturday, April 9th 2011. There is an abundant agenda with lectures, conferences, our exhibition, concerts and presentations of contemporary dance.

I still have some invitations left, so contact me asap if you are interested to visit the full day event!

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Connected Faces


Seen in Cologne-Ehrenfeld

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New Video-Installation Parteienlandschaft to premiere at Eat Meat Raw Gallery

Next Saturday my new audiovisual installation “Parteienlandschaft” will premiere at the group exhibition “Tots Sants” at Eat Meat Raw Gallery. Fortunately, I will be in Barcelona to present it personally. So if you are in Catalonia this weekend make shure to give me a call or just come to the vernissage on

Saturday, October 9th 2010, 19h
at Eat Meat Raw Gallery, C/ Alzina 20, Gracia, Barcelona

The group show will be exhibited until November 6th 2010 and there is more info available on our website and the Facebook invitation.

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How to get rid of public space: An easy to follow, three step guide

We all know the problem: You just made up a brilliant image for your city (for example Barcelona) that attracts tourists, trade shows and the global community’s attention. But suddenly, with all this attention you realize that the image you have developed with so much hard work does not reflect the actual reality. So you start modifying it.
As one tiny detail of this plan, you have to make sure that the public space is clean, nice and free of possible negative influences to the idealized tourists and foreign visitors. Basically, you have to get rid of some of the most annoying inhabitants of public spaces. How to do this? Well, I propose an easy to follow three step approach:

public space - identify
Identify: First you need to detect the place where the unwanted public activity takes place.

public space - design
Design: Think about an effective way of imposing the citizen’s behavior.

public space - install
Install: Now you can apply the measure to the problematic space and transform its function.

Voilà, you are done!
Now let’s all go out there and destroy another public space!

Just for your information: I have taken these pictures at carrer San Pau, Barcelona (check the Google Street View)

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60" @ Inquieta Imagen V

MADC: Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo de Costa Rica
I am very proud to announce that my video 60” with costa rican choreographer Sandra Trejos is part of an exhibition at the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo de Costa Rica.
It is presented as a monochannel videoinstallation at this year’s Iberoamerican Bienal of Videocreation and Digital Art.
Unfortunately and due to bureaucratic reasons, only Sandra appears in the credits.

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cctv: what are you looking at?

Closed circuit television (cctv) can be considered as the symbolic incarnation of surveillance and control of habits in public spaces.

Since the whole topic concerns me a lot, I was delighted to find a copyleft-picture of a banksy-stencil on flickr. And – within one afternoon – I brought this great conceptual idea to motion.

The underlying sound collage is based on samples by suonho and the whole clip is licensed under the creative commons license.

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Sónar 2007: 'Feed' by Kurt Hentschlager

Sónar 2007: Feed by Kurt Hentschläger

Feed, Performance for Unreal Characters, Fog, Stroboscopes & Pulse Lights by Kurt Hentschlager at Sónar 2007


You are sitting inside a huge dark cube. There is no light except the projection of floating bodies. They are asexual and neither have eyes nor mouths in their faces. You hear grime and rhythmic sub-bass sounds and the dime lights on the screen flicker according to these audio incentives.

Their bodies are constantly forced to move, as if they received electric shocks, every three or four seconds. You have read before that the whole performance will last about 50 minutes, so you analyse every repetitive movement – a flow of conceptual associations starts to circulate around ideas of “primordial soup”, reproduction, control, representation, cloning, video-graphic games and media history.

Suddenly everything changes – the bodies disappear and the whole cube is covered with thick, artificial fog. Now you are the bodies. You are not able to see anything, not even your own hands in front of your face. You notice that some people leave the cube. You remember you had to sign a paper that you do not suffer claustrophobia, epilepsy and similar physical disorders. Before you get used to this completely immersive environment, cruel light-shots start to invade your visual senses. They fill the whole smoke and hit you with a stroboscopic frequency of 25, 30 per second, probably, you just realize that it is to fast for your perception.

The white space you perceive has no spatial representation, it is rather inside your head than in front of your eyes. You remember the childhood’s nightmares you could never explain, because they were just a weird and uncomfortable feeling. Finally, you get to realise what this feeling is like. You analyze it: It consists of the lack of orientation, the absolute absence of space. The cube around you becomes nothing, a „none“-space. You have lost your visual senses, the external forces reach directly your head.

From one moment to the other everything gets to an end. All you see is just black. Silence. You still smell the fog, but you know that it’s over.

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Dixon en distritoQuinto

Exposición: Dixon en distritoQuinto

Estos dias estoy trabajando en una instalación de video para Dixon. Este artista de street art va a exponer en la galeria distritoQuinto (mapa). Su exposición se llama “mujeres y niños primero!” y la inauguración será el 27 de abril 2007.


Right now I am working on a video installation for Dixon. This Street Artist inaugurates his exposition “Women and children first!” on April 27th 2007 at the distritoQuinto gallery (map).

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back from biel

pasaporte basel, de fritz gnad y sandra trejos

yesterday i came back from switzerland, where i have been around for the last 10 days. costa rican choreographer and dancer sandra trejos from diquis tiquis had invited me to visit her in biel, to realize some audiovisual projects.

and so we did: pasaporte basel is the first finished proyect. it consists of various passport photos of sandra, taken 10 years ago in basel. if you move the mouse over the photo, it will morph through time and show a photo of her again, taken at the same place with the same machine.

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Analogue Pixel Displays

The German architect and urban artist Aram Bartholl presented some of his projects at the Ars Electronica Brucknerhaus. Both deal in a nice way with the simplicity/complexity topic.

Random Screen is a flickering pixel display that works completely without electricity. 25 Beer cans and 25 tea lights are put together in a certain way to create the turning light-sources.

Papierpixel follows a similar approach, but in this case the analogue display can actually be used to show letters, numbers or little graphics – everything that fits on a 8×8 pixel matrix. There is an electric light that illuminates the display from the back and a mechanism similar to a hand organ that shows the light only to certain pixels.

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