"Bilder von Dir" für den Grimme Preis nominiert!

Bilder von Dir
Eine erfreuliche Nachricht: Bilder von Dir ist für den Grimmepreis nominiert!
Ich habe Vorspann und die gesamte Grafik entwickelt und bis jetzt haben wir mit der Redaktion “Die Box” zwei Folgen produziert…

Hier die Credits:

Idee: Phillip Vongehr und Janin Reinhardt
Buch/Konzept: Willem Konrad und Johanna Leu
Redaktion: Markus Pingel & Anke Haverkemper
Recherche: Marion Püning
Regie: Johanna Leuschen
Kamera: Willem Konrad, Benjamin Arcioli, Felix
Schnitt: Willem Konrad und Johanna Leuschen
Ton: Christian Börner
Grafik: Fritz Gnad
Produktion: NDR-Eigenproduktion, DIE BOX

Und hier noch einmal der Vorspann:

Bilder von dir from Fritz Gnad on Vimeo.

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Dark Motion Backgrounds by Aix Sponza for Pro Sieben

A couple of weeks ago, Pro Sieben introduced its new on air identity, an elegant and visually appealing new look that is flawlessly excecuted. I had noticed some interesting abstract backgrounds, but I did not know that Aix Sponza was responsible for them until I found this nice breakdown on their website.
It is also worth mentioning that they used Houdini for many of the simulations.

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Imperfection is Beauty: AppleTalk by Jürg Lehni

AppleTalk, 2007 / 2002, Jürg Lehni

AppleTalk confronts two Apple computers with the imperfections of verbal communication. Using two microphones, text-to-speech and voice recognition software, the two machines continuously transform written sentences into spoken words and back into written form in an endless loop leaving room for error and automatic interpretation.
With its similarities to the children’s game known as Telefone Game or Chinese Whispers, it results in a constant permutation of text and a production of poetic errors and left overs.

via onelittleweb

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Generative Identity Design for MIT Media Lab

TheGreenEyl has teamed up with E Roon Kang to create a visual identity that keeps up with the heterogeneity of the MIT Media Lab. Instead of creating a single static logo they have gone for a far more contemporary option: with processing as the tool of choice they have developed an algorithm to create over 40.000 possible variations of the identity.

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