Diagonal Noise - Daily Detail

Day 11 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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The Future - Daily Detail

Day 7 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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FKA Twigs - 'How's that' by Jesse Kanda

Dissolving and pulsating bodies that attract by their staged artificiality. A music video by Jesse Kanda for FKA Twigs

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Eternal Dream of Beauty

Alex Lehmann has published a great music video / realtime demo that made my day!
Sit back and enjoy the colors, the dolphins and the unicorns!


alx: idea, directing, motion capture of dolphins/unicorns
Pixtur: storyboard, programming, particle fx
JCO: music, lyrics, singing
Cynic: Programming
nero: Programming

Made in Tooll

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Generative Identity Design for MIT Media Lab

TheGreenEyl has teamed up with E Roon Kang to create a visual identity that keeps up with the heterogeneity of the MIT Media Lab. Instead of creating a single static logo they have gone for a far more contemporary option: with processing as the tool of choice they have developed an algorithm to create over 40.000 possible variations of the identity.

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New plugin coming soon: Plexus

Plexus looks like the kind of generative extension for After Effects that I have been waiting for a long time…

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