Der Kalk vor lauter Bäumen

This week I participate with a audiovisual projection loop at the Minifestival Der Kalk vor lauter Bäumen. Janina Warnk will present a curious urban forrest and Katharina Huber some of her illustrations.

The festival will take place from August 16th to 19th daily from 17h-22h at Baustelle Kalk in Cologne.

Find more info on the Facebook-Event Page.

There will be concerts on thursday, a future shorts screening on friday and lectures and performances on Saturday.

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Meet me at OFFF 2012 Barcelona

This week I will be in Barcelona at the OFFF-Festival – If you are also there say hi and let’s feed the future together!

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New Installation at the 2nd Futureshorts Cologne Screening

Hey there,
On Tuesday, May 8th 2012, I will present a new audiovisual installation to accompany the 2nd screening of futureshorts Cologne at Baustelle Kalk, Kalk Mülheimer Straße 124, 51103 Köln/Cologne. The screening begins at 21h and the entrance fee is 2€.

the Facebok-Event

Baustelle Kalk auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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Schnittarbeit at Filmfest Dresden 2012

Tomorrow I will be heading to Dresden to present my short film Schnittarbeit at the Filmfest Dresden. It will be shown twice as part of the special program “Experimente: Western in Wien”. Nice!

Here the festival’s 2012 trailer:

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VAFA 2011 shows Parteienlandschaft

The Second International Open Call Festival for Video Art (Macau, China) has screened my 2010 work Parteienlandschaft at their festival. Nice!

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Screening at Blicke Festival 2011

Yet another film festival in novembre! At this years Blicke Festival in Bochum I will be showing two of my videos: Schnittarbeit and Euforia.

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Screening at the 28th Dokfest Kassel 2011

One of my latest audiovisual works, Schnittarbeit that I did with Milena Rodríguez, will be screened on Thursday November 10th 2011 at the 28th edition of the Dokfest in Kassel. Check out the program and see me there!

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'Too Big To Fail' at the CCCB-Exhibition "Pantalla Global"

My animation Too Big To Fail will be shown at the upcoming exhibition Pantalla Global (Global Screen) at one of my favourite cultural institutions of Barcelona, the Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB). More details coming soon.

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Schnittarbeit at Asim'tria festival in Peru

One of my latest works Schnittarbeit will be shown at the 7th Asim’tria festival in Cusco, Peru.

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Screening at Loop Video Art Fair 2011

I am very pleased to participate in the 2011 edition of Barcelona’s Video Art Fair Loop.
Together with ID:Mora & Matka, Kinki Texas, Mia Makela and Cornelius Coffin we show different audiovisual works in the festival section ‘Screen from Barcelona’ at Eat Meat Raw Gallery.

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Parteienlandschaft at the B/Art Conference 2011

My audiovisual installation Parteienlandschaft will be exhibited at the B/Art Conference 2011.

The festival/conference/exhibition with the Leitmotiv “Goodbye Crisis!” takes place at the Nau Ivanow in Barcelona on Saturday, April 9th 2011. There is an abundant agenda with lectures, conferences, our exhibition, concerts and presentations of contemporary dance.

I still have some invitations left, so contact me asap if you are interested to visit the full day event!

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Sónar 2010 Visuals - Finisterrae

The spots for last year’s Sónar Festival in Barcelona are taken from the movie Finisterrae. I love the transcendent atmosphere and visual direction.

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Screening at C - MiniVideoArt Festival

On Friday, August 20th 2010, my audiovisual pieces Nekropolis, Ciudad Blanca and Euforia have been screened at the C – MiniVideoArt Festival in Atlanta.

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Platine Festival premieres in Cologne

Light writing, experimental installations and 8bit music – These are only some of the keywords that describe Platine, a festival for electronic culture and alternative gaming forms. The festival will be held from August 16th to 19th 2010 on different venues in Cologne’s Barrio Ehrenfeld, among them are Artheater, Design Quartier Ehrenfeld and Studio 11.

Here you can find the map and schedule of the festival.

I’ll definitely give it a try this week and check out some of the exhibitions and events!

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20. Internationales Videofestival Bochum

Internationales Videofestival Bochum 2010

Ein runder Geburtstag steht an: Das Internationale Videofestival Bochum wird 2010 zum 20. Mal das Musische Zentrum der Ruhr Universität Bochum in ein Festival-Foyer verwandeln.

Zwischen dem 10. und 12. Juni 2010 wird unter dem Motto “3 Tage – 3 Nächte” wieder eine umfangreiche Auswahl an Kurzfilmen, Installationen, VJ-Perfomances und Festival-Parties das audiovisuelle Programm ausmachen.

Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja in Bochum!

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My Presentation at Pecha Kucha

Yesterday I had the oportunity to do a presentation at the 5th edition of Pecha Kucha Barcelona. Thanks to Nati Nat there is a video-evidence of the event!

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feezen//freezen at Pecha Kucha Barcelona

feezen freezen at Pecha Kucha Barcelona

I am proud to announce that I will do a presentation at the next edition of Pecha Kucha Barcelona.

You will ask yourself now: What is Pecha Kucha? …so here a short description:

“Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global – as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over 100 cities across the world.”

The event takes place on May 20th 2009 at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (Map) and the entrance is free if you register for the Día del Emprendedor.

There will be a whole bunch of other people from different creative backgrounds, so check out the speaker’s list and attend Pecha Kucha!

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Screening: The Astrotripper @ MiniMinutes Festival

Mini Minutes - Festival des kleinen Films in Münster

My short stop-motion video The Astrotripper (with Tao) will be screened at the MiniMinute Festival in Münster, Germany.

The Festival describes itself as “devoted to the presentation and support of independent low-budget videos” and will take place from August 29th to 30th 2008 at the “Cinema” in Münster.

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The Influencers 2008: Monochrom & Alan Abel in Barcelona

The Influencers 2008: Alan Abel and monochrom in Barcelona

This weekend I attended the 4th edition of the “The Influencers“-Festival at the CCCB. The event describes itself as…

The talkshow you won’t see on TV! The Influencers explores controversial forms of art and communication guerrilla, presenting independent projects that play with global popular culture, infiltrate the mass media, and transform fashions, consumption and technological fetishism.

I was not able to see all of the lectures, but it started on Thursday with a very mediocre talk of the US-American interactive artist Brody Condon.

On Saturday, Johannes Grenzfurthner of the collective monochrom from Vienna held a brilliant presentation. He described monochrom’s subversive approach of irritating the contemporary neoliberal discourse with the distribution of post-modern ideas: “context hacking” is how they call it.

Then, Alan Abel, the Godfather of hoaxes, talked about his experience of the last 60 years as a prankster. With a lot of anecdotes about his recent activities – like the campaign to ban breast-feeding – he managed to entertain all of us!

I recommend checking out the festival’s website because they host most of the presentations as flashvideos online – for example when the Yes Men Group visited them in 2005.

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La Ciudad Blanca @ Future Film Festival in Bologna

Future Film Festival Bologna

My animation short/installation la ciudad blanca has been screened last week at the Future Film Festival in Bologna, Italy. Nice, isn’t it?

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Call for entry: 18th International Videofestival Bochum

International Videofestival Bochum 2008 - Call for Entry

A little bit support for this extraordinary video festival:

Video artists and enthusiasts of video art!

Prepare yourself for the annual “International Video Festival Bochum”, which is turning 18 this year! From the 29th to the 31st of May 2008, the festival will be THE event of the year in terms of “international video art”, which will take place in the time-honoured halls of the “Musisches Zentrum” (the centre of fine arts at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum).

Giving the medium of video its own platform eighteen years ago really turned out to be a good idea. The Video Festival has artists from all over the world, and their joy of innovation in making diverse videos becomes apparent to everyone who attends.

Again, one main focus at the festival will be the VJ art. Of course most people only know the VJ as the guy who usually assists the music DJ at the club, but the Video Festival in Bochum brings these VJ artists to centre stage.

Furthermore, the short videos, which are allowed up to a length of 35 minutes, can be in experimental, narrative or documentary style. Here there are limitless boundaries to what your artistic imagination can bring to the festival.

Send your video together with the entry-form, which you can download and print off here, to Bochum, Germany. Also pass the word around and give the information to those who might be interested.

Deadline for all submissions will be the 3rd of February 2008!

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Sónar 2007: 'Feed' by Kurt Hentschlager

Sónar 2007: Feed by Kurt Hentschläger

Feed, Performance for Unreal Characters, Fog, Stroboscopes & Pulse Lights by Kurt Hentschlager at Sónar 2007


You are sitting inside a huge dark cube. There is no light except the projection of floating bodies. They are asexual and neither have eyes nor mouths in their faces. You hear grime and rhythmic sub-bass sounds and the dime lights on the screen flicker according to these audio incentives.

Their bodies are constantly forced to move, as if they received electric shocks, every three or four seconds. You have read before that the whole performance will last about 50 minutes, so you analyse every repetitive movement – a flow of conceptual associations starts to circulate around ideas of “primordial soup”, reproduction, control, representation, cloning, video-graphic games and media history.

Suddenly everything changes – the bodies disappear and the whole cube is covered with thick, artificial fog. Now you are the bodies. You are not able to see anything, not even your own hands in front of your face. You notice that some people leave the cube. You remember you had to sign a paper that you do not suffer claustrophobia, epilepsy and similar physical disorders. Before you get used to this completely immersive environment, cruel light-shots start to invade your visual senses. They fill the whole smoke and hit you with a stroboscopic frequency of 25, 30 per second, probably, you just realize that it is to fast for your perception.

The white space you perceive has no spatial representation, it is rather inside your head than in front of your eyes. You remember the childhood’s nightmares you could never explain, because they were just a weird and uncomfortable feeling. Finally, you get to realise what this feeling is like. You analyze it: It consists of the lack of orientation, the absolute absence of space. The cube around you becomes nothing, a „none“-space. You have lost your visual senses, the external forces reach directly your head.

From one moment to the other everything gets to an end. All you see is just black. Silence. You still smell the fog, but you know that it’s over.

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60" wins the GrandVideoSlam at International Videofestival Bochum

Grandvideoslam Bochum

While I was partying with Beasty Boys and Dizzee Rascal at this year’s Sónar Festival, my beloved audience from Bochum regarded the dance video „60 seconds“ with this year’s GrandVideoSlam Award. Thank all of you so much!!!

Although on the website of the Videofestival they only mention “Fritz Gnad”, the main credits definitely also belong to Sandra Trejos!

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17th International Videofestival Bochum

17th International Videofestival Bochum 2007

From June 14th to 16th 2007 the 17th edition of the International Videofestival Bochum will take place at the lovely and unofficial capital of the Ruhr AreaBochum.

“We once again present a selection of the latest in video art, from narrative to experimental, sets by internationally renowned VJ acts as well as a multi-varied supporting programme, comprised of lectures, workshops and a guest festival. We are particularly proud of living up to the festival’s name by screening a wealth of international contributions. In addition to three thrilling days, an unparalleled late-night programme awaits our guests. At three parties in three different locations, DJs create the right vibes with electronic beats, and VJs participating in the festival have the chance to prove their skills in homey club atmosphere.

The Videofestival considers itself a platform for enthusiasts of video-esque moving pictures and wishes to establish itself as a forum for video artists, activists, documentarists, theorists and each and every one who simply enjoy watching videos.”

Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there this year, but the video 60 seconds that I made with Sandra Trejos in Switzerland last year, will race for the GrandVideoSlam Award. I suggest everybody to see some shorts at the festival – it’s free and definitely worth a visit.

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Ciudad Blanca at Digital Barcelona Film Festival 2007

Diba - Digital Barcelona Film Festival

This year’s Digital Barcelona Film Festival will take place from May 17th to 27th, with screenings and activities in different locations around Barcelona.

Personally, I am quite happy to announce that my animation short la ciudad blanca has been selected for the short movie competition. The screening will take place on Thursday, 24th of May, at the cultural ship Naumon in Port Vell

If you are interested, you can find the whole program of the festival as a PDF-document.

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studenten springen von den dächern

blicke aus dem ruhrgebiet. festival für video und film. 23. - 26. november 2006

am 23. 11.06 läuft das animationsvideo ‘less students’ auf dem bochumer film und videofestival blicke aus dem ruhrgebiet. der programmtext sagt das folgende:

Neue Erklärung, warum so viele Menschen von den Dächern der Ruhr-Uni springen.

umgesetzt wurde das video von kay, jerry und mir, außerdem haben wir im mai 06 damit den grand video slam des internationalen videofestivals bochum gewonnen.

also vormerken: donnerstag, 23.11.06, 21:45, blicke-festival im kino endstation, bahnhof langendreer bochum.

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ars electronica 2006

today i arrived at the ‘lovely town’ linz in upper austria. the reason is ars electronica 2006 – the media arts festival which fascinated me last year when i went there with sebastian.

But this time I have more ambitions and the next three days I’ll try to see a lot and write and videoblog about it. So please check back soon!

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inaugurating ruhrtriennale

i went to the opening of the ruhrtriennale at the well illuminated jahrhunderthalle in bochum yesterday, and it was quite boring: a lot of white wine and melancholic music, horrible. but a nice human sculpture:

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Less Students

A student enters a strange room at his university where he is transformed into a c64-environment. The video has won the Grand Videoslam at the International Videofestival Bochum 2006.

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la 240: filmfestival in san josé

das filmfestival la 240 findet vom 9. bis zum 13. mai in san josé, costa rica statt. präsentiert werden musikvideos, animationen und dokumentarfilme von jungen lateinamerikanischen filmemachern.

für mich persönlich ist das festival ein schönes ereignis, weil sie meine beiden kurzen clips von den videoslams in bochum zeigen: ‘less students’ und ‘we believe in nothing’ laufen als internationale beiträge außerhalb des wettbewerbs am 12. mai. die beiden videos kann man sich auch auf youtube anschauen.


Unter dem Titel Muestra de cine joven atrae productores de Europa y Latinoamérica hat die costarikanische Zeitung La Nación mich als einen der ausländischen Filmemacher des Festivals erwähnt.

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trailer: 16. internationales videofestival bochum

ein promo-trailer für das internationale videofestival in bochum, den ich in ein paar tagen gemacht habe. sound ist noch nicht dabei, weil der trailer hauptsächlich auf displays laufen wird.

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trailer für die videolounge

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kurzfilme on the run

das sundance film festival in utah ist zwar schon im januar über die bühne gelaufen, aber trotzdem lohnt sich ein abstecher zum internet-auftritt des festivals: dort stehen nähmlich sämtliche kurzfilme als flash-streams zum anschauen bereit. auch einige kurze dokus sind unter den clips.

gesponsort wird das ganze von adobe, kein wunder, denn die kalifornier haben ja im letzten jahr macromedia gekauft.

es bleibt festzuhalten, dass es sehr schön wäre, wenn auch andere festivals diese art den kurzfilmen eine plattform bieten würden.

via: bleed

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videoslam, again!

die frohe nachricht: ich habe schon wieder den videoslam gewonnen! zusammen mit kay und ein paar anderen leuten haben wir innerhalb von zwei tagen eine sehr gute kleine produktion (und post-produktion) fertig gestellt!

das video heisst “less students” und verknüpft videomaterial mit (nachgestellten) c64-game-sequenzen. demnächst wird der gekrönte clip auch hier zu sehen sein, bis dahin freu ich mich allein und mit dem publikum, das von “less students” überzeugt war!


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