Diagonal Noise - Daily Detail

Day 11 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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45 degrees on grey

Day 6 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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Neuland - Zu viel ist nicht genug

Neuland Frames

In den vergangenen Wochen habe ich an der zweiten Ausgabe des NDR-Formats Neuland mitgewirkt und herausgekommen ist eine schöne Doku zum Thema Konsumverzicht.

Der Film von Willem Konrad, Domenica Berger und Benjamin Arcioli beleuchtet mit einer hervorragenden Filmsprache die Widersprüche unseres Wachstumsmodell.

Ich habe bei diesem Projekt die grafische Gestaltung und die Animation der Erklärfilme umgesetzt. Dabei hat mich Óscar Valero an ein paar Stellen illustrativ unterstützt.

Ihr könnt “Neuland – Zu viel ist nicht genug” in der NDR-Mediathek anschauen.

Redaktionell hat Fabian Döring das Projekt betreut.

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"This is not a time to lie" by Ray Lei

26-year-old Chinese artist Ray Lei has published a very beautiful piece of hand drawn animation:

This is not a time to lie from RAY

I especially like the use of texture and the minimalistic visual narrative.

Ray Lei has also given a nice TED lecture in Shanghai where he talks about his process and life as an animator in China:

Speech in TED@Shanghai 2012 from RAY

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Shit Showreels say by Peter Quinn

Vancouver based Peter Quinn has made a wonderful ‘Anti-Showreel’, how he puts it, showing off some of the “en vogue” Motion Design techniques of present days. It has made me smile a lot!

On his website you can even find the project files, thank you Peter!

Shit Showreels Say from Peter Quinn on Vimeo.

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Presentation at Pecha Kucha Cologne Vol. 12

This thursday, July 5th 2012 I will give a presentation at the 12th edition of Pecha Kucha (?) Cologne! I will be talking about Motion Design from a general but also subjective perspective.

The venue is Atelier Colonia, Körnerstraße 37 in the heart of Ehrenfeld, entrance fee a donation to Deutsche Aidshilfe e.V. of 5 eur is recommended and doors open at 19:30 and make sure to come early since it is not a huge venue.

See you there, check the facebook event and – if you are of a rather curious kind – a link to the last presentation that I gave at Pecha Kucha Barcelona in 2009. That time I was allowed to use moving images plus it was in spanish!


This is the final speaker’s list:

Stepan Benn // Die GEMA – Das mysterioese Wesen
Stefan Klabunde //11.500 km in 6:40 Min.
Maike Brochhaus // haeppchenweise – Ein postpornografisches Filmprojekt
Jan Uwe Fitz // Wie auch du Autor bei einem Traditionsverlag wirst
Benita Rath // Nageldesign
Wasti Zueger // Kickerliebe
Uli Scheuss // Citizen Science
Anand Ronghe // Breaking the band
Berti Distelrath // Visit the desert
Fritz Gnad // Motiondesign

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C'n'B Cologne 2012

This week, apart from exploring experimental motion design with the kinect, I will also visit this year’s Creativity and Business Convention here in Cologne, if you are there – let’s have a Kölsch!

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Meet me at OFFF 2012 Barcelona

This week I will be in Barcelona at the OFFF-Festival – If you are also there say hi and let’s feed the future together!

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Infographics for KPMG by TWP

Directed by Tex Whitney and produced by Victoria Sangster at the TWP studios in Sydney, Australia.

Production Company: TWP
Director: Tex Whitney
Producer: Victoria Sangster
Storyboard Artist: Tim Clapham
After Effects Animator: Daniel Harkness

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The City Of The Immediate Future


More raw material from the archives.

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Deconstructing Cartoons - Work in progress





Some animations I am working on this week.

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Generative Identity Design for MIT Media Lab

TheGreenEyl has teamed up with E Roon Kang to create a visual identity that keeps up with the heterogeneity of the MIT Media Lab. Instead of creating a single static logo they have gone for a far more contemporary option: with processing as the tool of choice they have developed an algorithm to create over 40.000 possible variations of the identity.

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Supernova by Siggi Eggertsson

Berlin based Siggi Eggertsson rocks with this dark abstract pixel animation. If you like his style you could also check out his illustrations in his reel A Growing Pile Of Work.

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I just stumbled upon the Tron Cycle Prototype in Cologne!

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Design Quartier Ehrenfeld

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"design is making sense and business" (Torsten Stapelkamp)

Interesting conference this afternoon

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Today koelndesign!

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Platine Festival premieres in Cologne

Light writing, experimental installations and 8bit music – These are only some of the keywords that describe Platine, a festival for electronic culture and alternative gaming forms. The festival will be held from August 16th to 19th 2010 on different venues in Cologne’s Barrio Ehrenfeld, among them are Artheater, Design Quartier Ehrenfeld and Studio 11.

Here you can find the map and schedule of the festival.

I’ll definitely give it a try this week and check out some of the exhibitions and events!

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The Future is now, Floris ;)

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Introducing: Tigrelab!

Watch Tigrelab's Demoreel

I am happy to announce the brandnew demoreel of my creative collective Tigrelab, grrrr!

This year I have been working in several proyects with Javier Pinto, Mathieu Felix and Pelayo Méndez, therefore the decision to form a loose creative collective was not a difficult one! Here a short description on Tigrelab:

“Tigrelab is a multidisciplinary collective dedicated to the development of audiovisual and interactive projects. A laboratory that experiments combining ideas, motion graphics, programming, design, 3D graphics and illustration to seek new approaches for multimedial communication.”

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destructed magazine - out now!


A brandnew issue of the destructed magazine has been published – so if you are into experimental photography, illustration, and design… get your free pdf right now!

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New Design Online

finally, a new design

Hello everybody, I have updated the Design of my Blog, I hope you like it. The Portfolio will follow soon.

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Revealed Plagiarism: You thought we wouldn't notice...

You thought we wouldn't notice dot com - but we did

„Everything has been done before“ is an often quoted post-modern cliché, especially among pessimistic minds.
Some designer, art directors and other people in the creative industry take this saying far too serious, and go further than just using other’s work as referential material – for the black sheep of the internet age, plagiarism can be considered as an easy practise to meet deadlines.

But fortunately there is a collaborative blog that documents those cases:
You thought we wouldn’t notice dot com

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Portfolio Night 2008 in Barcelona at Complot

Portfolionight 2008 Barcelona at Complot
Yesterday, this year’s edition of the Portfolio Night Barcelona took place at the creative school Complot.

Portfolio Night can be categorized as the single largest simultaneous career speed-dating night in the world. Bob Scarpelli, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide and one of ihaveanidea’s most ardent supporters calls it “one of the most important events of the year for the advertising industry.”

Thanks for the invitation goes to the guys of Cannonball Studio, they are also doing the “making of…”

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Designer Slash Model


“you have to be beautiful to create something beautiful” – the people at digital kitchen play zoolander: designer//slash//model

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Comic Sans is illegal!

Design Police - Bring bad design to justice

the mixture of an authoritative attitude and aesthetical criteria:

Design Police – Bring bad design to justice!”

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pdf-mag multilink wird sechs

eine neue issue des multilink magazine ist vor ein paar tagen herausgekommen. die sechste ausgabe des pdf-mags aus uk bietet auf 80 seiten frische designs, interviews und berichte.

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konfuse zeichen ergeben sinn

ich habe es geschafft – meine mündliche prüfung in medienwissenschaft ist hervorragend gelaufen!

thematisch ging es bei der prüfung um die diskursanalyse foucaults und den kulturbegriff der cultural studies und um ein bißchen zu teilen, stelle ich hier ein paar visualisierungen von klassikern, die meine gedanken geordnet haben zur verfügung:

stuart hall: cultural studies: zwei paradigmen

stuart hall: kodieren/dekodieren

theodor w. adorno: resumé über die kulturindustrie

john fiske: neither the text, nor the audience

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