Working on an opera of La Fura Dels Baus in Cologne

Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy to announce that I am currently working with my friends of Welovecode for an Opera production of La Fura dels Baus‘s Carlus Padrissa here in Cologne!

We are doing the audiovisual and interactive projections for Richard Wagner’s Parsifal that will premiere on March 29th 2013 at Oper Köln.

So if you are in Cologne and won’t make it to the premiere: grab some of the few remaining tickets for one of the five performances during April and enjoy the spectacle!

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'Com va la vida' wins a Bronce Laus

I am very excited to tell you that the videomapping for the tv3 show Com va la vida on which I did a lot of design and animation work for my friends at Tigrelab last year has won a Bronce Laus for its audiovisual design! Yessss!

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Meet me at OFFF 2012 Barcelona

This week I will be in Barcelona at the OFFF-Festival – If you are also there say hi and let’s feed the future together!

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New Installation to premiere at Eat Meat's Group Show 'Libido'

I am going to present a brand new audiovisual installation at the Libido – Group Show.

The vernissage is on Friday, December 16th 2011, 19:30 at Eat Meat Raw Gallery (Alzina 20, Barcelona). The exhibition will be open to the public until January 15th 2012.

If you are in Barcelona – come visit us!

more info

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'Too Big To Fail' at the CCCB-Exhibition "Pantalla Global"

My animation Too Big To Fail will be shown at the upcoming exhibition Pantalla Global (Global Screen) at one of my favourite cultural institutions of Barcelona, the Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB). More details coming soon.

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Screening at Loop Video Art Fair 2011

I am very pleased to participate in the 2011 edition of Barcelona’s Video Art Fair Loop.
Together with ID:Mora & Matka, Kinki Texas, Mia Makela and Cornelius Coffin we show different audiovisual works in the festival section ‘Screen from Barcelona’ at Eat Meat Raw Gallery.

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Parteienlandschaft at the B/Art Conference 2011

My audiovisual installation Parteienlandschaft will be exhibited at the B/Art Conference 2011.

The festival/conference/exhibition with the Leitmotiv “Goodbye Crisis!” takes place at the Nau Ivanow in Barcelona on Saturday, April 9th 2011. There is an abundant agenda with lectures, conferences, our exhibition, concerts and presentations of contemporary dance.

I still have some invitations left, so contact me asap if you are interested to visit the full day event!

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Sónar 2010 Visuals - Finisterrae

The spots for last year’s Sónar Festival in Barcelona are taken from the movie Finisterrae. I love the transcendent atmosphere and visual direction.

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New Video-Installation Parteienlandschaft to premiere at Eat Meat Raw Gallery

Next Saturday my new audiovisual installation “Parteienlandschaft” will premiere at the group exhibition “Tots Sants” at Eat Meat Raw Gallery. Fortunately, I will be in Barcelona to present it personally. So if you are in Catalonia this weekend make shure to give me a call or just come to the vernissage on

Saturday, October 9th 2010, 19h
at Eat Meat Raw Gallery, C/ Alzina 20, Gracia, Barcelona

The group show will be exhibited until November 6th 2010 and there is more info available on our website and the Facebook invitation.

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Proyección de 'Ravalejar' en el Raval

Este domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010 a las 17h, mostrarán mi corto ravalejar en una actividad de los arquitectos sin fronteras en el Raval en Barcelona. Se trata de una convocatoria para dar ideas sobre las actividades que se pueden realizar en el nuevo espacio que se ha abierto debido a una demolición reciente, en la calle Sant Rafael con Riereta.

“Es una primera toma de contacto con los vecinos del barrio, sin ninguna otra pretensión que apropiarnos de un espacio en desuso y promover ideas para ocuparlo temporalmente.”

Mas información en Raons públiques

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We eat meat!

I have the pleasure to announce my participation in the collective exhibition WE EAT MEAT! with three of my video installations.

The exhibition will take place at the new EAT MEAT RAW GALLERY located at C/ Alzina, 20 (Gràcia) Barcelona on Saturday, December 19th, 2009 at 19h.

The inauguration of this exhibition also represents the first activity of the cultural association EAT MEAT! of which I am one of the founding members.

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How to get rid of public space: An easy to follow, three step guide

We all know the problem: You just made up a brilliant image for your city (for example Barcelona) that attracts tourists, trade shows and the global community’s attention. But suddenly, with all this attention you realize that the image you have developed with so much hard work does not reflect the actual reality. So you start modifying it.
As one tiny detail of this plan, you have to make sure that the public space is clean, nice and free of possible negative influences to the idealized tourists and foreign visitors. Basically, you have to get rid of some of the most annoying inhabitants of public spaces. How to do this? Well, I propose an easy to follow three step approach:

public space - identify
Identify: First you need to detect the place where the unwanted public activity takes place.

public space - design
Design: Think about an effective way of imposing the citizen’s behavior.

public space - install
Install: Now you can apply the measure to the problematic space and transform its function.

Voilà, you are done!
Now let’s all go out there and destroy another public space!

Just for your information: I have taken these pictures at carrer San Pau, Barcelona (check the Google Street View)

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La setmana tràgica a Barcelona - The tragic week in Barcelona

la setmana tragica - es balla al carrer amb els cadavers extrets de les tombes

Today, exactly 100 years ago, the events that became known as “the tragic week“ took place in Barcelona.
A colonial war in Morocco lead to a massive draft of – mostly working class – reservists.
This resulted in strong social discontent that, together with republican, anarchist and anticlerical convictions, lead to an outbreak of violence on the streets. The church’s involvement with the corrupt burgeoise was obvious, therefor convents and churches were burned. There were alsoreports that people danced with the corpses that had been taken out of graves and sepulchers.

setmana tragica - s'arribi a una veritable insurrecio amb barricades als carrers / forces de seguretat disparen sobre els manifestants

After one tragic week the riots were violently surpressed by military forces. Several anarchist leaders were executed, among them was Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, the founder of the Escuela Moderna.

la setmana tragica: el 13 d'octubre del mateix any Ferrer es afuselat

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feezen//freezen at Pecha Kucha Barcelona

feezen freezen at Pecha Kucha Barcelona

I am proud to announce that I will do a presentation at the next edition of Pecha Kucha Barcelona.

You will ask yourself now: What is Pecha Kucha? …so here a short description:

“Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global – as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over 100 cities across the world.”

The event takes place on May 20th 2009 at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (Map) and the entrance is free if you register for the Día del Emprendedor.

There will be a whole bunch of other people from different creative backgrounds, so check out the speaker’s list and attend Pecha Kucha!

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...parlant de cultura a Barcelona

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audiovisuelle Dialoge

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T-10 Barcelona: The prohibited Zone

The T-10 is a ticket for the public transportation system in Barcelona and a quite boring artefact of reality to write about.
But if the magnetic stripe on your T-10 gets damaged you can change it to be able to use the remaining trips on it.
I did that and what I got was even more than I expected: the access to the prohibited zone of Barcelona! – now I only have to find the entrance ;)

T-10 Barcelona: La Zona prohibida

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Screening: Zapping Vídeoarte @ Centre Cívic Barceloneta

Zapping Videoarte @ Centre Civic Barceloneta - 5.2.09 - 19:30

Hey there,
I am happy to announce my first screening in 2009:
On Thursday, 5.2.2009, 19:30, I will show some of my videos at the event “Zapping Vídeoarte” at the Centre Cívic Barceloneta (Map & Contact Info).

…and it is going to be a premiere: My new video “Euforia” will be screened for the first time!

The one-hour program is curated by Lucia Flores and also includes works of Bruno Bresani and Fran Blanes.

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El Poble Nou

A video by Fritz Gnad & Nati Nat
Dancer: Milena Rodriguez
Music: Misanthrop

published under a Creative Commons Licence

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Motion Graphics & Post Production Demoreel 2008

I am proud to present you my brand new Motion Graphics & Postproduction Demoreel 2008! Enjoy and be aware that I am available for interesting freelance projects.

The Intro is taken from the 1922’s movie Nosferatu, music is by apes on tapes.

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Portfolio Night 2008 in Barcelona at Complot

Portfolionight 2008 Barcelona at Complot
Yesterday, this year’s edition of the Portfolio Night Barcelona took place at the creative school Complot.

Portfolio Night can be categorized as the single largest simultaneous career speed-dating night in the world. Bob Scarpelli, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide and one of ihaveanidea’s most ardent supporters calls it “one of the most important events of the year for the advertising industry.”

Thanks for the invitation goes to the guys of Cannonball Studio, they are also doing the “making of…”

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Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation visits "NOW"

Richard Stallman <code> CCCB - foto by daniel.julia </code> flickr

As the final event of NOW’s April edition – “Meetings in the present continuous” – Richard Stallman, the GNU-inventor and founder of the free software foundation, shared his thoughts and beliefs at the CCCB.

I really enjoyed the presentation of this godfather of free software, although it was more a religious mass rather than a lecture: Stallman talked about Free Software, Human Rights and the ideological term “piracy” (“pirates capture ships, not digital stuff”), always trying to convince the audience to switch to Linux. The exorcism-procedures included Microsoft-Bashing, Apple-Condemning and RealPlayer-Insulting.

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The Influencers 2008: Monochrom & Alan Abel in Barcelona

The Influencers 2008: Alan Abel and monochrom in Barcelona

This weekend I attended the 4th edition of the “The Influencers“-Festival at the CCCB. The event describes itself as…

The talkshow you won’t see on TV! The Influencers explores controversial forms of art and communication guerrilla, presenting independent projects that play with global popular culture, infiltrate the mass media, and transform fashions, consumption and technological fetishism.

I was not able to see all of the lectures, but it started on Thursday with a very mediocre talk of the US-American interactive artist Brody Condon.

On Saturday, Johannes Grenzfurthner of the collective monochrom from Vienna held a brilliant presentation. He described monochrom’s subversive approach of irritating the contemporary neoliberal discourse with the distribution of post-modern ideas: “context hacking” is how they call it.

Then, Alan Abel, the Godfather of hoaxes, talked about his experience of the last 60 years as a prankster. With a lot of anecdotes about his recent activities – like the campaign to ban breast-feeding – he managed to entertain all of us!

I recommend checking out the festival’s website because they host most of the presentations as flashvideos online – for example when the Yes Men Group visited them in 2005.

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Miranda Stamatiadis - Booking

For the presentation of costa rican photographer Miranda Stamadiatis, I put together this tiny little animation.

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Promo Visuals: Las fiestas clandestinas de Jack Daniel's

Under the creative direction of Xavi Ribas and with the collaboration of graphic designer Oscar Valero, I made these 1 min 20 seconds of motion graphics for the campaign “Las fiestas clandestinas de Jack Daniel’s.”

Client: Euro RSCG

Screenshots: here

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Sónar 2007: 'Feed' by Kurt Hentschlager

Sónar 2007: Feed by Kurt Hentschläger

Feed, Performance for Unreal Characters, Fog, Stroboscopes & Pulse Lights by Kurt Hentschlager at Sónar 2007


You are sitting inside a huge dark cube. There is no light except the projection of floating bodies. They are asexual and neither have eyes nor mouths in their faces. You hear grime and rhythmic sub-bass sounds and the dime lights on the screen flicker according to these audio incentives.

Their bodies are constantly forced to move, as if they received electric shocks, every three or four seconds. You have read before that the whole performance will last about 50 minutes, so you analyse every repetitive movement – a flow of conceptual associations starts to circulate around ideas of “primordial soup”, reproduction, control, representation, cloning, video-graphic games and media history.

Suddenly everything changes – the bodies disappear and the whole cube is covered with thick, artificial fog. Now you are the bodies. You are not able to see anything, not even your own hands in front of your face. You notice that some people leave the cube. You remember you had to sign a paper that you do not suffer claustrophobia, epilepsy and similar physical disorders. Before you get used to this completely immersive environment, cruel light-shots start to invade your visual senses. They fill the whole smoke and hit you with a stroboscopic frequency of 25, 30 per second, probably, you just realize that it is to fast for your perception.

The white space you perceive has no spatial representation, it is rather inside your head than in front of your eyes. You remember the childhood’s nightmares you could never explain, because they were just a weird and uncomfortable feeling. Finally, you get to realise what this feeling is like. You analyze it: It consists of the lack of orientation, the absolute absence of space. The cube around you becomes nothing, a „none“-space. You have lost your visual senses, the external forces reach directly your head.

From one moment to the other everything gets to an end. All you see is just black. Silence. You still smell the fog, but you know that it’s over.

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Screening at Mau Mau Underground

Mau Mau Underground Barcelona

In the late 1990s, Gallery Mau Mau has been a counter-cultural artistic space in South Africa, where many exhibitions and happenings took place.

In Barcelona, there is a location that takes a quite similar approach and, this is probably the most obvious point, dedicates its name to this original gallery:

The Mau Mau Underground. It is an old industrial building, that now functions as a mixture between an art gallery, a lounge club, and a stylish place to enjoy independent or experimental movies and shorts.

This friday, June 1st 2007, the crew of Mau Mau Underground will be screening several of my shorts, together with some animation stuff of BoumanStudios, also from Barcelona.

The proyections will start at 22:00 and if you like to see them, here you can find how to get there. There is no entrance fee.

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Ciudad Blanca at Digital Barcelona Film Festival 2007

Diba - Digital Barcelona Film Festival

This year’s Digital Barcelona Film Festival will take place from May 17th to 27th, with screenings and activities in different locations around Barcelona.

Personally, I am quite happy to announce that my animation short la ciudad blanca has been selected for the short movie competition. The screening will take place on Thursday, 24th of May, at the cultural ship Naumon in Port Vell

If you are interested, you can find the whole program of the festival as a PDF-document.

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Videoinstalación Dixon

Videocreación a partir de la intervención urbana de Dixon en Barcelona. Presentada en distritoQuinto en Abril y Mayo 2007.

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Dixon en distritoQuinto

Exposición: Dixon en distritoQuinto

Estos dias estoy trabajando en una instalación de video para Dixon. Este artista de street art va a exponer en la galeria distritoQuinto (mapa). Su exposición se llama “mujeres y niños primero!” y la inauguración será el 27 de abril 2007.


Right now I am working on a video installation for Dixon. This Street Artist inaugurates his exposition “Women and children first!” on April 27th 2007 at the distritoQuinto gallery (map).

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Cortalamos en Los Alamos!

Este miércoles (21.3.07), como siempre en el bar Los Alamos,
habrá proyecciones de diferentes cortometrajes – incluyendo el video-danza 60” que hice con Sandra Trejos en Suiza el año pasado.

La entrada es gratis y la dirección del bar es la siguiente:
Bar Los Alamos, Calle Escudellers 12 – Barcelona (Barrio Gotico, metro Drassanes)

Además, este es el programa completo para el 21. de marzo 2007:

SUBJUNTIVO de Alejo Ubach y Bruno Zaffora (Buenos Aires 2005)

Un hombre que perdió la memoria se ve forzado a realizar una investigación y descubrir quienes son las personas que aparecen en una foto segundos antes de morir. Pero no sabe que descubrir la identidad de esos extraños es aun más peligroso que rehusarse a hacerlo.

60” de Fritz Gnad (Suiza 2006)

La ciudad suiza de Bienne podría ser denominada como el epicentro de la puntualidad suiza, ya que en ella se encuentran las manufacturas de los relojes Swatch, Rolex, y Omega; pero además, también se puede percibir fuertemente el pasar de los segundos en la vida cotidiana de sus habitantes y de la ciudad en general. La coreógrafa costarricense Sandra Trejos y el videoartista alemán Fritz Gnad, en su videodanza “60 Segundos”, se acercan tanto al tema del tiempo como al de su percepción.

HEAVEN de Santiago Riscos, Angela Mogollón y Rafael Cano (Barcelona)

Andrés quiere suicidarse, pero no sabe lo que le espera detrás de la muerte… ¿Seguirá conectado de alguna manera al mundo de los vivos?

ANTIVIRUS de Santiago Riscos, Rafael Cano, Khris Cembellín y Santi Justribó (Barcelona)

El sistema es un asco, pero al menos los amaneceres son bonitos… Todos los archivos duermen en sus carpetas, pero el Agente especial McAfee de la patrulla antivirus vela por la seguridad del sistema y defiende a los archivos de los correos sospechosos.

SPLIT de Luis Yrache Jimenez, Marcello Vai y Andrea Maccaroni (Barcelona 2004)

SHAKY WHITE GUYS MAKING FRIENDS de Erik Eliason (Suecia 2007)

Otra forma de amistad entre hombres. Un viaje audio-visual con elementos mezclados entre video y animación.

CUNT WISH BLUES de Erik Eliason (Suecia 2006)

Sueños de un chico que vive en una isla.

SPLENDID EYE EXPLOSION de Marco Silvestri (Barcelona 2006)

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El Raval representa, en esta obra, una expresión local de la globalización. Este barrio, que es al mismo tiempo un nicho de culturas en constante interactividad y fuente de creación artística, nos muestra imágenes de un street art marcado por las diferencias sociales, culturales y el ritmo urbano de una ciudad en cambio constante.

Todas estas características del Raval han sido posible obtenerlas sin necesidad de encontrarnos precisamente en ese sitio. Internet nos ha facilitado obtener imágenes del Raval, que nos permiten conocerlo desde los ojos subjetivos de sus habitantes o visitantes. El proceso creativo de esta obra ha sido meramente descentralizado, gracias a las licencias de Creative Common, las cuales permiten el uso libre de materiales visuales y de audio. ravalejar se convierte, así mismo, en materia prima para futuras creaciones.


The Raval represents in this work the local expression of globalization. It is a cultural niche of constant activity and, at the same time a source of artistic creativity. These images show a street art marked by social and cultural differences, and an urban rhythm of a city in constant change.

Creative Common Photos taken from and the music of artist rob steady were used to achief a decentralized creative workflow.

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Screening of 'Less Students' at Los Alamos


There will be a screening of Less Students in Barcelona today. Location is the Bar Los Alamos where every Wednesday (“Cortalamos”) various shorts are presented.

Los Alamos, c/Escudellers 12, Barcelona (Bario Gotico)

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Self-Portrait January 2007

self-portrait barcelona 07

2007 is going to be a different year, shifts are occuring and i am curious to see how things will turn out to be!

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