"This is not a time to lie" by Ray Lei

26-year-old Chinese artist Ray Lei has published a very beautiful piece of hand drawn animation:

This is not a time to lie from RAY

I especially like the use of texture and the minimalistic visual narrative.

Ray Lei has also given a nice TED lecture in Shanghai where he talks about his process and life as an animator in China:

Speech in TED@Shanghai 2012 from RAY

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MARS! by Joe Bichard & Jack Cunningham

8bit story about the human conquista of mars.

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Wooden Rectangles [Daily Detail]

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Illustrated Phrases

“Keep perfection as a crime”


“Arte es diferente a playa”

“Garum en el Frigidarium”

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analog-fetisch is back!

startseite von polanoid.net

wer würde vermuten, dass in web 2.0-zeiten à la flickr und co die analogen und teuren polaroid-bilder weiter fortbestehen. polanoid tritt den beweis an und bietet eine plattform für alle analog gebliebenen.

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