Rhino - Daily Detail

Day 14 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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...and suddenly we wake up in a disturbingly grim future #noVDS

Day 13 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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Displaced Lines - Daily Detail

Day 12 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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Diagonal Noise - Daily Detail

Day 11 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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Framed - Daily Detail

Day 10 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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Three Artefacts - Daily Detail

Day 9 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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The Future - Daily Detail

Day 7 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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45 degrees on grey

Day 6 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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A Moon of Octane - Daily Detail

Day 2 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.

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The Island - Daily Detail

From my studio I can see The Island.

(Day 1 of my 2015 #dailydetail series.)

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Dark Motion Backgrounds by Aix Sponza for Pro Sieben

A couple of weeks ago, Pro Sieben introduced its new on air identity, an elegant and visually appealing new look that is flawlessly excecuted. I had noticed some interesting abstract backgrounds, but I did not know that Aix Sponza was responsible for them until I found this nice breakdown on their website.
It is also worth mentioning that they used Houdini for many of the simulations.

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Die Welt by Parasol Island

Parasol Island, based in Düsseldorf and Berlin, has done this great piece of animation, combining live footage and cgi in a visually appealing way!

One guess, the reference for the music used was Woodkid with I Love you

Die Welt TVC from Parasol Island on Vimeo

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FKA Twigs - 'How's that' by Jesse Kanda

Dissolving and pulsating bodies that attract by their staged artificiality. A music video by Jesse Kanda for FKA Twigs

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In statu nascendi by Kijek/Adamski

Visually researching on vimeo I encountered this absolutely stunning new work by Kijek/Adamski, dealing with the creational moment of cgi images.

In statu nascendi from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

I remembered the other pieces of this great directing duo based in Warsaw, Poland that I found in recent years – enjoy!

We Cut Corners / Pirate’s Life from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

Shugo Tokumaru / Katachi from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

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Freezenlab 32

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Plan Of The City by Joshua Frankel

Abstract and slow coolness.

“Plan of the City is a animated film, conceived and directed by Joshua Frankel, about the architecture of New York City blasting off into outer space and resettling on Mars. The film’s visuals are an animated collage combining live action footage, animated elements, illustrations and treated photographs, including photos taken by the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity made available to the public domain by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”

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Vadoinmessico "Pond" by Russel Weekes

via Motionographer

Shapes, fragmentation and music.

By Russel Weekes.

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White Island






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The Node by Murat Pak

Murat Pak aka undream presents a new piece of epic visuals: “The Node”.

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Black On Sky



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Generative Identity Design for MIT Media Lab

TheGreenEyl has teamed up with E Roon Kang to create a visual identity that keeps up with the heterogeneity of the MIT Media Lab. Instead of creating a single static logo they have gone for a far more contemporary option: with processing as the tool of choice they have developed an algorithm to create over 40.000 possible variations of the identity.

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Unluck by Yaniv Fridman

What a spectacular minimalism!

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The Building


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Wishes 2011 by Skill Lab

These New Year’s greetings by Skill Lab play nicely with geometry and perspective.

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Supernova by Siggi Eggertsson

Berlin based Siggi Eggertsson rocks with this dark abstract pixel animation. If you like his style you could also check out his illustrations in his reel A Growing Pile Of Work.

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